The Profane Egyptologist

The Profane Egyptologist E9. Marc Barkman-Astles and the Questions of Doom!

February 9, 2019

“If Archaeologists won’t talk to (people) someone else will (…) we’ve been duped into thinking we need to struggle to tell our story…”

Today’s guest should be a familiar face to anyone who’s watched archaeological media online. Marc Barkman-Astles is the creator and face of Archaeosoup, a Youtube channel he established way back in the almost prehistoric-vlogger days of 2010.

In his twelve-year career as a professional archaeologist, Marc has produced more than fifteen hundred videos, and amounted an impressive 3.5 million views. In addition to all this he’s also grown a pretty epic beard.

But what are some of the challenges and realities tackled by the public faces of archaeology today, particularly in an environment that’s increasingly politically divisive and inundated with rhetoric and pseudoarchaeology?

Marc shares some experiences and insights from his impressive career so far, from the praise, to death threats(!) and highlights the necessity, alongside the potential pitfalls (and metaphorical rolling boulders) that public archaeologists face in the era of modern discourse.

So, settle in as we dig into the work of Mark Barkman-Astles, aka Mr Soup! 


Check out Marc's work and impressive video back-catalogue at Archaeosoup!


The Questions of Doom Series


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